the day the diva called me


siapa lebih diva?

aku ke kak red?

amacam diva lak yang call aku nih?

itu tandanya diva merah kita nak pass takhta pada aku, the non-diva.

i just came back from Shah Alam like 2 hours ago.

So much i hate the trip yesterday, it turned out to be one off the most well spent weekend for me.

note: pic taken by the small photographer for the day (Umar). I can see he likes photographing.

I think i’ve mentioned before that i like being around the husband’s side of relatives especially some of my SIL’s (read: biras).

note: Umar and hamzah with their cousins. And guess what, i am their aunt?

As usual i have tonnes of stories to be blogged, but i’ll do that later.

I just need some backrub, and a good rest now.



6 thoughts on “the day the diva called me

  1. aku masih lg divapasai aku masih lagi x de label2 mak nenek bagai tuhtp ko letak label ‘redmummy’wah!!! best korang bz x per, kitorg pun sekadar cuti singkat jer kat sini…red carpet pun melambak la pulak org2 melaka ni dok x dpt karpet merlimau, karpet bertam malim aku terima…

  2. bila klik link label tu ada 1 je posting.Bila RedMummy dah cakap pasal label,nampaknya sebolisme telah meresap ke jiwanya.hahaha

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