the weekend well spent

so what did we do during the absence of the husband and also on weekend?

hamzah tried hard to stand by himself with minimal assistant. I believe he would be able to do so in near future. maybe even before he marks his first birthday.

and he tried hard to be able to post some thought in my favourite forum. sheesh.

the next day, we went to Dataran Pahlawan, when Umar decided that it was time to change his slipper. He chose this one himself. I love the fact that he has the ability to decide what he wants.

I bought a new BUM sneakers for my youngest brother too. I ased the sales assistant why the sneakers was so cheap (RM29.90) and he said, it was a normal price. Oh, i don’t know. have never bought BUM stuff. And it was an authentic BUM.

Then we headed to Sg. Putat’s Infamous Restaurant, ah I can’t recall the name. It was kinda expensive. I was charged RM27 for a large plate of Sotong Goreng Tepung, which tasted so-so.

The next day, i became an unpaid driver, driving my mother all around Melaka. Hamzah needed to be bottlefed since i was driving, and incapable-d of nursing him while driving. Haven’t acquired the skill yet. Haha.

Not only Hamzah was thirsty, even Umar needed 100 plus to supply him the energy to survive the heat.

Thank god for the invention of stroller. Else i would be badly cramp having to hold the baby around. I think Hamzah has outgrown the barely used stroller-lah.

Ada astro showcase in Dataran Pahlawan (yeah, we went again the next day), and hamzah got this red puppy-shape balloon, while Umar has got himself a pink sword-shape balloon. Too bad no pic of the sword. So macho. NOT. However, Umar sometimes pretended that the balloon was the petrol pump nozzle. Duh.

And i bought Hamzah a new jumper for RM6.90 only. yeah, dem cheap eh. Umar demanded a new shirt too, but the one that he wanted was so expensive babe. RM59.90 hooded shirt from PDI kids. My, oh my.

Ended the weekend with ratatouille booked by yours truly on advance on friday during the boring training. Almost missed it, but we managed to make it at last. You were right Lara, it is one fantastic movie, a job well done by Pixar, and a lot of things to learn from.

Now, i badly need some good sleep for i am experiencing a migraine attack. Toodles, and may the sun still shines tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “the weekend well spent

  1. when i was scholing, i always thought branded stuff semua mahal dan unaffordable by macam jeles la tgk kawan2 ada branded stuff.tapi bila tgk BUM29.90..alahai..tertipu rupanya aku.i’ve wated my energy on such a non-base jealousy.

  2. bestnye ur weekend.. sure tiring but happy!murahnye baju hamzah tu! dah lama tak jmpa baju baby murah2.. sbb malas nk pi survey.. asyik masuk isetan je.. so bykla setan yg menghasut soh spend gile babas!bum was one of my fav brand in school 2.. sbb affordable. now, dah lame tak beli bum. asyik besarkan BUM je.. hihi

  3. ciet tikus tu sangat best, dan aku pun drooling nak makan dishes dia tuh.cuma agak gross memikirkan tikus yang masak the whole thing.and mom of 2, saya tak survey pun. so happen nampak ada yang murah, apa lagi.grab le.

  4. glad u enjoyed the movie. i went to watch it again on sunday dgn DH and mira this time. tak larat nak pi turun kl for petrosains (mcm jauh la kan :p)however, mira was not impressed. maybe sbb tiada adegan2 ganas kot.

  5. suprisingly, umar wasn’t impressed too, or so i thought.he seemed restless all time.i guess, it attracts the adults more than the kids eh?btw, have you gone to aquaria babe? cos i’m thinking to go there this weekend.

  6. nama restoren sg putat tu ialah tomyam klasik..dan mmg makanan dia so-so sahaja..grand lebih sebab ambiance dia kot..dan kalau tgk resit dia ada govt tax dan jugak service tax total tax 10%sebab tu la mahal…

  7. mira & i hv been to aquaria dah. best gak. tapi jgn lupa bawak mykad, mykid semua so u can purchase the entrance ticket at a discount. hehe.

  8. aquaria tu macam underwater world aquarium kat klcc kalau tak silap.ingat kan kalau dah sampai puchong nanti, tatau apa nak buat lepas kenduri rumah caca, nak ajak gi aquaria.tapi plan je lah pun.and thanks lara for the info.the only thing is that Umar takut tgk fishes. ehehe.

  9. owh, original plan eh?when it comes between family and friends, family will always have to come first.bukan kah begitu selalunya?

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