what do i get for being loyal all these while?

the title has nothing to do with yesterday’s entry or the day before nor it is related to anybody close to me.

don’t speculate yet, i’ll blog about what the title is all about.

i’ve been a loyal customer with maxis for like 3 years (or was it four?).

Spending about RM300 to RM500 per month for bills alone, all Maxis could offer is the membership card for what-ever purpose, only God knows.

And mind you, i paid the bills on time every months without failed (except for two or three occasions) without any due amounts. Sometimes even pre-postpaid (postpaid is paying after you use, but we normally pay extra amounts to ensure that the line won’t be barred if the usage exceeds the limit).

So much for being a loyal customer, and we (the husband and i) think it’s time for us to switch to another provider.

Now, can you, my dear friends, tell me which provider to change to, in terms of line receptions, value for money, good package and most of all loyalty benefits. Personally, we are considering Celcom (but Celcom is actually a TM family right? I kinda dislike TM, no offense)

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if the number changed.

In another note, i went to the Big Boss room to do some troubleshooting yesterday. Personally, I think he is one mysterious man in person, very stern, very strict, very reserved.

But from the visits to his office, i get to know a lot of things about him.

He likes Sudoku, big time. Been seeing books, printed materials and also the Star’s sudoku on his table.

Another thing about him is that he likes book. There was always new books on his table. The latest one is the one in the pic above. the book about Secrets i’ve been eyeing for quite sometimes (since i read about it from Iza’s blog).

Err, one good thing about being an IT personnel is that one is trusted so much to be in the most personal place. ( People tend to give their passwords to the It Personnel too, don’t they?). So , i took a peek on the book (while crossing my finger that the Boss won’t be back too soon to see me read the book, while the patch is being installed) and decided that i need to have the book. So, It’ll be in my next-to-buy list.

Btw, Dataran Pahlawan sucks since it doesn’t have a bookstore. I mean, how can one mall have no bookstore at all? Sheesh.

The husband got himself a new monitor to be used with the Macmini. While he was in the shop, me and Umar browsed through the pre-Independence day pics displayed. I loike. 🙂

note- below: The husband tried to snap the two young HP models-in-the making. The same pic can be seen in his blog. Ironically, the husband’s initial is HP (Hasbullah Pit)

A nite well spent, and a happy soul came back to the body.

6 thoughts on “what do i get for being loyal all these while?

  1. ada entry berkaitan gambar tapi upkan gambar dulu bagi impression pada visitor.hehe.kak jie, anything that doesn’t kills us makes us stronger.:)

  2. nak suggest digi?boleh la aku sms ko 1 sen..been using the same number since 1999, dah almost 8 years dah..digi jugak the best bg aku, start dari takde line kat umah sampai kena panjat cabinet, sampaila diorg letak pencawang betul-betul belakang umah aku kat kampung.. hahaha…

  3. aku used to pakai digi masa zaman2 pakai prepaid. dulu service sucks.sms 1 sen eh?aku bab charge ni tak berapa nak berkira sangat (sbb aku tak bayar, harap2 aku takyah bayar lagi at least dalam 2,3 tahun nih)..yg aku fedup bila dia tak acknowledge kita sebagai loyal customer.

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