can i get some rest tonight, honey?

i badly need some rest.

i went to the office enthusiastically but ended up feeling so unwell.

slept for about 30 minutes in the server room with hope that i’d wake up fresher and not sleepy. Somehow, i felt even worst.

Pening-pening lalat, and almost vomitted.


Just in time for lunch break, i went out to realize that it was raining cats and dogs.
I went back anyhow.

I love when it rains. It clears everything, and also dirties my vios. ehehe.

The breadloaf that used to be untouch on the table wasn’t there when i want to consume. A good example of bad timing.

I decided to just lie down, and surfed the Net. Again, bad timing-ly, i couldn’t access the net via the wireless connection.


At 2.50 p.m, i haven’t pray, or eat.

I’ll drag my lazy ass to do all these after the post has been published.

Now can i get some rest tonite, honey?


2 thoughts on “can i get some rest tonight, honey?

  1. amik le rehat, kunci je bilik jgn bg dema 3 msk…byk dah tanda2 awal trimester tuh..bol, ko x geti2 ke buat sume keje jg anak2 buatkan susu pe bagai. lipat baju masak, sapu lantai..asik bongkang je ko kan

  2. arini si umar dgn relanya tido rumah nenek.boleh relek yo!banyak la kak red ni trimester la apa bagai.:Peh lakiku pandai jaga anak, bancuh susu semua siap.tapi dia takmo tunjuk skill, takut anak dara kejar.takut2 gak mak dara kejar sekali.mak merah nak main kejar2 ke? kata nak cari boyfriend caring.hehehe.

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