come back to me

The baby was missing the kid (ah, it was me who missed him).

So we went off to my mother’s place to fetch him in the afternoon, with my boot stuffed with bags for a night stay in Puchong.

We were supposedly to go to Puchong, my other sister’s pad, but the plan was cancelled since she decided to come back to Melaka.

So everybody was at my mom’s this evening. It was good to get together once in a while. The mother cooked instant ketupat and rendang, while the elder sister brought the infamous chocolate moist cake (i should have took the pic of the cake, and brought back some, cause i am craving for it now).

It really felt like hari raya.


As usual, i only brought my empty stomach and enjoy the good foods and the company.

Oh, the kids were enjoying themselves very much, with the gameboy-s.

note: from left: umar, afiq, hakim (pakcu), aiman.

Unfortunately for them, there were only 3 sets of gameboy-s.

The one Umar’s having was the gameboy advance (which has outdated and the display was so bad since it is frontlit. Although he has the latest game installed, his gameboy was still the least favoured).

Meanwhile his nephews’ are gameboy Advance SP, with backlit, so it’s bright and playable (read: since it is see-able.)

Therefore the four of them had to fight to get their hands on the better set.

note: seriously comparing each other’s performance, haha.

note: if you notice, umar was having the gameboy in each pic, meaning he was conquering the stuff.
Dia kuat nangis, people hate it when he starts to cry, so orang mengalah je lah.

However, sometime later, his cousins decided to take back theirs.

Umar, in another hand, refused to play his gameboy, and cried.

Only silent cry without throwing any tantrum, and not wailing.

But to no avail.
Everyone ignored him.
Everyone but one.

My brother-in-law, who owned a PSP, took it out from his bag and let Umar played the PSP instead.

I swear I could see the other kids face were full of regrets for being too selfish.

A PSP compared to Gameboy?
Surely PSP won.

Ha ha ha.

Umar seemed enjoying himself there and for the second night, he wanted to stay at my mom’s.

Although we kinda reluctant, we still went back without him.

Again, tonight is going to be a dull night.

The house is lack of his presence, and i hope he comes back to me soon.

3 thoughts on “come back to me

  1. mak merah ni dok tak dak mood je….pms ke mornign sickness..hehehe:pwawa …tu la part best bawa perut kosong blk kekeyangan….merdeka kan.

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