“more than meets the eyes” fever ain’t over yet?

as you can read in the chatbox on your right hand side, we had our iftar in A&W yesterday. I was so stuffed with food, but the husband forced me to drag my lazy butt to the peringgit bazar ramadhan on the opposite road.

On normal occassion, i would just hop into my car and drive there, but after much deliberations (the husband agreed to hold the baby all way long) we used the flyover to cross the roads. It has been there for like 2 years(?) but i have never set my foot even once but yesterday.

The husband and hamzah in the middle of the flyover

The walk on the flyover was fun. Maybe it was due to the people i was with. If i were to cross alone, then it might be a boring experience.

The bazar ramadhan was interesting. I have spotted a few baju kurung but pricewise they are a little expensive. I need to buy a few anyway, since procastinating that i do best has left me with no other option. Good, served me good.

The husband has warned me earlier that we weren’t going to buy anything. Unless we found transformers stuff, we would just look see. And we have never thought that they do have transformers shirt.

Umar trying the shirt on

The husband was so excited, so did umar and we bought the whole set (shirt, a sleeveless singlet with big Optimus Prime picture printed on it, and a bermuda jeans) for only RM35. I think that was a good purchase.

Other than that, we found this shirt with gold print in the other shop. I took this picture and later the owner came to me asking me why did i snapped the picture of his shop.

He requested to see the picture that i snapped only to learnt that he was being extra cautios from you-know-who. Hint: imitation, raid, authority, unfair.

I apologized to him for not asking his permission in the first place. It was my mistake, but i don’t have any bad intention.

We got tired after that and returned home straight away. Umar, being impatient, badly wanted to wear the newly transformers shirt which was supposed to be worn on hari raya. So i let him wore the singlet.

Umar posing with the singlet.

This morning, he happily woke up and asked me to bathe him so that he would be able to wear the rest of the clothes. OK-lah, whatever you say. After all, why wait until raya for it’ll be just like any other day.

Two happy kids, after bathing and having their breakfast.

Oh, i am just to lazy for raya shopping quest. Anyone willing to shop for me?


11 thoughts on ““more than meets the eyes” fever ain’t over yet?

  1. oh kak red, ongkos pun tade nak shopping sebenarnya. hehesampulnak, why does it has to be WAS?arin, noted. thanks for reminding.:)

  2. kak, we r the same ‘species’ laaa…so lazy to go shopping for raya. infact i hate crowd n tolak menolak coz i’m so lembik!so, just gv the raya heat to small kids. After all, kita g semayang pakai telekong.Dlm pakai tee hard rock cafe pon blh. Blk raya…mkn n kabooooom! qadha tdo lagik!!!

  3. my kids pun tak pandai kot apa tu raya.after all my raya would just about makan ketupat at my mom’s place and drive her to the rumah sedara.ah, malas betul nak raya

  4. LAst raya tak dapek beraya ( gie umah sedare mara ) due to berpantang…taun nih masa untuk berjalan ke umah sedare mara…ishh..jgn le sakit perut minum + makan macam2 benda..—> sakit paling common during raya!

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