11th Ramadan, the progress

Today is the 1st day of school for Umar in the month of Ramadan. I personally think that fasting during schoolday for Umar is easier rather than being at home with two baby monsters.

Do you still remember about his break fast time table. He jotted down the time he first eat for the day for the last 10 days.

And do you still remember my entry on the day he ate at 8.15, and the next day he sahur after azan?

Things doesn’t get any better since then. Me, myself kinda pasrah looking at the rate he was doing.

Somehow, don’t lose faith yet.

Today he break fast at 5 p.m. Without eating rice last nite and without Sahur. That’s a good kickstart.

Keep it up Umar! Today is only the 2nd round. We have another round to go.

I’ll always be here to support you.

But for today, you are my Super Hero!

3 thoughts on “11th Ramadan, the progress

  1. tahniah kat mak umar buat apa.

    mak umar tak kejut umar bangun pun pagi-pagi. kesian umar.


    anne, betul sejuk perut. dari semalam sampai ke pagi nih hujan je.

    sebab tu sejuk.


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