Hot hot hot

Cik kiah kita ni demam semula. Her fever keeps recurring. Panas, surut, panas semula.

Tapi kali ini disertai batuk dan selsema. Malam tadi she didn’t sleep well. Of course i couldn’t sleep well too. And there are many implications thereafter.

I just gave her medications. Hope the fever subsides, her throat less itchy and the runny nose stops running. Akak dah tak larat kejar.

If not, i might have to take a leave from work. Time like this, you cannot simply dump your kids at the babysitter, can you?

There were just too many death and losses around me lately. I am not prepared for anything like that.

Just not yet.


4 thoughts on “Hot hot hot

  1. Sawda dah kebah, still batuk tu yang tak tahan.

    dah bawak gi jumpa doktor juga. Dpaat antibiotik.

    Biasalah kan. Better be sure than sorry kan.

  2. my youngest son pun baru ok dr batuk2, yg lasts smpi 3weeks.. smoga sawda cpt sembuh.. & smoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan kpd sume ank2 kite, aminnn

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