Nanny For Hire

Semalam kan i post about Indonesian Government nak tetapkan minimum wedges for their maid at RM800, ramaila yang tak setujukan.

Of courselah tak setuju because we provide shelter, meals, and many more. Memang ada some employers yang treat them slaves. But mostly treat them well too. It’s human relationship. Like lara said, you reap what you sow. Kalau maid baik, insya Allah majikan pun baik lah kan.

Anyway, good news for people out there especially those who lives in Melaka. I am starting a Nanny Agency. Yes, you hear me. Every problem is an opportunity, rite?

At the moment I have only one Nanny. Very skillful in babysitting your kids even babies. Pay by hour. You guys tengoklah dulu, then you’ll let me know ok.

Btw, she’s a local.

Sawda and irsa irina, her cousin.

Hopefully i tak kena charge Under Child labour Act pulak.


Jangan mare.


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