My place is here

Remember that we were invited to break fast at my BIL house yesterday? We couldn’t make it because the husband had to keep his promise to his friends.

Yesterday morning, My SIL texted confirming whether we are coming or not. I strongly, badly wanted to go. But i couldn’t go there by myself, could i?

The husband left for the cooking session after Zohor. He persuaded us to join him for iftar. Knowing me and the kids, we would rather stayed at home. I told him that i’ll let him know later if we are coming.

So happened that yesterday was a hot day. Everybody was restless especially Umar. He badly want to break fast early. I knew i had to distract him. Therefore, by 4-ish, everybody had their bath and i called the husband to tell him are joining him.

It was a blessing in disguise. Umar managed to fast till the end, i got to meet new people, and we all had good food – masak asam tetel, kupang goreng sambal, cencalok, and ikan kering. The food weren’t expensive but surely were good, glorious food.

And most importantly, again, i am quite sure that i made the husband happy for we got to eat together.

Well, my place is here. By your side.

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