Blogger Tutorial: Collective Album for Featured Pictures in Blog

I have added another item on my blog layout, on the right sidebar.

I named it “All Pics in Blog” currently wit two links “StrangeCharm One” and “StrangeCharm Two”. These two links will link you to all pictures that have been featured in my blog.

I think it is great since sometimes i blog and then i lost the picture. And sometimes, i wanted to get the picture but am too lazy to browse the post where it is located.

Now, it will be retained in the same place, and i will be able to find it easily.

The husband posted the tips on how to get it done, but i will try to simplify it again.

1. You will need to have Picassa web account. Just log in to Picassa web using your gmail account.

2. You’ll then get a page which list down all the albums containing pictures from your blog(s).

3. Pick an album to work on.

4. On the right sidebar again, you’ll find a link name unlisted. Click the link.

5. A new popup window appear.

6. Bottom left, you’ll find a scroll down list name Share. Change the value from unlisted to Public. You are able to select the viewer either friends, family or Co-worker. I leave it blank.

7. Save changes.

8. Copy the url in the address bar.

9. Add it in your blog if you wish.


Happy trying especially to those who still have to work today. Lara, something to do to kill your time.


And ah, do check the husband blog for Bahasa Melayu pictorial tutorial.


7 thoughts on “Blogger Tutorial: Collective Album for Featured Pictures in Blog

  1. lara..i pun sorang2 dlm bilik sebesar alam nie..huhuhu…pukul 4 tepat mesti cabut and naik lrtwawa… half day..kerje sampai habis tenaga nie…dr td dok tunggu email half day ..tak nampak wawa, buat la tutorial pasal nak gabung semua blog yang kita baca dlm satu link tu..ala mcm spices u tu

  2. wawa: i dengar 'orang sebelah' kata boleh balik kol 3. tatau la betul atau tidak coz so far tiada annoucement. tapi tealady dah balik dah.mum2h: pagi tadi lrt penuh dgn org nak balik kg. jeles taw.

  3. lara : pukul 3 …huwaaa…mak jeles…ada satu jam lagi tu br i boleh balik..lrt pagi2 buta tadi sapa naik kat bandar tasiks elatan pun dpt duduk tau…tapi ada gak le dua tiga org yg dok hurung beg

  4. adeh u ols. sangap la duduk office time2 camni. nasib baik haritu boss i tak hantar lagi vborang cuti. kalau tak melepas mak.:))

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