I ran out for a bit


I have started my cuti raya.

10 days out of the office. w00t!

That’s heaven man, seriously.


Anyway, i have no idea what to do today since i’ll be having the kids around. Maybe i can go wash my car, get my ketupat done, or just lazying around.

Most of the raya preparation has been done. When i returned home yesterday, the lawn has been mowed, much to my suprise. Dah pasrah je sebenarnya if rumput panjang during raya.


Then all of the sudden (banyak la sudden), i have plenty of raya cookies (padahal aku yang beli eheh most of them). And guess what, we have 3 different pineapple tarts bought by the husband, MIL and me on different time.

Oh, maybe i’ll drag the husband to Pulai later to get some kerepek and jajan.

Ah, good news is, my biras will be arriving tomorrow (probably before dawn) and Umar has started to feel anticipated. Me too.

Another day to Syawal.

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