The Ugly Truth

Yani tagged me on why do i blog few weeks ago. Now only i ghave got time and the urge to list down the reason why.

Most of the reasons are the same.

I re-list the reason why;

1. to vent : i venting and channeling my anger here. It is better than i speak to the person right before them. When you put things into writing, you are forced to think before you write. I thought it brings no harm. Somehow I think i am wrong.

2. as a journal: to remind me of the life i have live, the event i have attended and witnessed, as record of my journey.

3. i love writing: i have starting writing in my diary at the age of what, 9 – 10, if i am not mistaken. i’ve kept writing journals when i was in secondary school.

Something that somewhat was a compulsory thing to do (thanks to En. Yasser, my english teacher) once is now my passion.

I have started blogging in year 2001 (if i recall this correctly) on pitas[dot]com. Then i moved on to blogdrive. I deleted the blog due to some issues (which i regretted till now) and here i am.

I hope i won’t be losing this blog just like bro. MadRedo1 did. I have backup all my blog posts btw.


I write whenever i feel like writing. Almost about everything that comes across my mind. Most of the time, i screen the topics, afraid it would hurt some people. But we never knew.

I try to avoid negative vibes. However, recently, i did posted something that stirred some people’s life.

I know, sometimes i write metaphorically. You’ll have to read between the lines. But the post that i mentioned was meant literally. Crystal clear.

You know, in writing, people tend to get you message wrongly. Different people read with different intonation, and definition.

To whom it may concern,

I am sorry if it made you angry. That wasn’t my intention.

But i am not sorry that i decided to post that entry, for i know what i wrote, and what i meant, and whom it was referring to.

If you read again that particular entry, with less emotionally, then you’ll understand.

However, if it still hurts, i would like to suggest you to never come to my blog anymore.

A little draggy post eh?


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