If dreaming is wrong, i don’t wanna be right.

My younger sister added me as friend in fb yesterday. We seldom talk to each other now.

Not that we are not in good terms or anything like that. We are just busy and occupied with our own life.

Facebook is good in a way that it lets you keep in touch of what’s happening in your friend’s life. i don’t feel like outweighing any bad effects of it now, anyway.


Back to my sis. She moved into her house last Saturday. I forced her to upload pictures of the new crib. It looks nice and cosy.

I heard that somebody dear to me will be buying a new house too. In fact, i have google the said area and man, it is awesome.

Showed Umar the picture and Umar excitedly said that we wanted that kind of house too.

Alahai Umar.

I envy them. Envy, not jealous okeh.

I am happy that they get to stay in such nice houses, be it small or big.

The woman in me (ehehe, cam bagus) wants to do some renovation to our current house. Been having that desire for long. To be frank, i can imagine the details of the renovation in my mind. And i mean details.

Recently, i told the husband about my dreams.

Somehow, his response was upsetting.

He doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Le Sigh.

I am more than happy to be living in our current house, for some have to stay in a hut. Some other doesn’t even have a place to stay.

I have my dreams. I don’t mean i want it to be done now.

It isn’t wrong to have such dreams, right?

5 thoughts on “If dreaming is wrong, i don’t wanna be right.

  1. kdg2 mmg gitu. teringin apa yg org ada. tp other aspects of the other person's life kita x tau. so biarkan jelah. ada rezeki (+usaha) insya Allah merasa gak nanti.anyway, lately i have thots of deleting my fb. sbb dok baca status updates; mcm byk sindir-menyindir/ kutuk mengutuk. x suka la camtu. tp syg lak my gaming sessions, dah reach level tinggi tu!

  2. Pada aku tak salah kots berangan, koz bila berangan, datang nya cabaran dan usaha…Teruskan berangan, berusaha dan berdoa, insya allah pasti ada juga nanti….

  3. Mn, dreams and work towards it is more like it kan?kak kay, betul tu. we always wants what people have. :)anyway, i think i am tired of fb too sometimes seeing things you pointed out. That's why i choose my friends, keeping only the good ones.Blog, fb, twitter semua jadi medan lepas gream nowadays.eucy, berangan, usaha, doa dan tawakkal kan. ada rezeki dapatlah nanti.yulie, yeah sila berangan lagi.

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