Tackle It Thursday

5minutemom blog features Tackle It Tuesday blog entry on every Tuesday (obviously) on stuff people tackle which is always something long overdue.

But today, i am going to blog on Tackle It Thursday, simply because it was done on Thursday (again, so obvious),

I found out the husband had replaced the sink pipe i broke few months ago with new, simple yet nice, shiny sink pipe.


Replacing the sink pipe i broke a few months ago.

And suprisingly, he also started the initial work of renovating the house. Zaza commented on my previous blog entry,

zurah, its just a matter of selling the idea to him. hehe. doalah supaya dia lembut hati. 😛

well, i guess, writing it out is also a way of selling the idea, eh.


I have always wanted to get rid of the ‘kolah air’ in our main toilet because it is dysfunctional and eating up space.

He started the job, now i will have to pray that he will finish it soon.


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