The brick wall

My dear friend told me a few days back that she had to introduce formula milk to her soon 2-months daughter.

She tried to justify her action saying that she is lacking of milk and whatnot.

Who am i to judge?

For me it is simple, it is your choice and whatever you choose, never feel bad about it.

Breastfeeding isn’t simple but once you’ve get the hang of it, you’ll be OK. BUt stuff will come along the way. You’ll cope.

No worries.

Anyway, i felt sort of unequipped.

Often times, I felt lacking of knowledge and not knowing what to do when friends ask me for tips and how-to on breastfeeding issues.

If i am serious on being a lactation consultant, i need to do something. Or else, i will be lagging behind.

C’mon wawa, take the first step.

The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people. – Randy Pausch


2 thoughts on “The brick wall

  1. im still feeding ajmal…but now im starting 2 think tt its probably high time 2 wean him off since efforts 2 conceive has been futile this few mths…mokde said some ppl just cant do both at the same time…tapi….tapiii…kesian plak

  2. oh yeke.if mokde cakap camtu then ikut le kan.but i tengok ramai gak yang breastfeed and manage to conceive. again, lain orang lainm body system dia kan.kesian is one thing, tapi actually kita takut kehilangan bonding tu kan>

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