Want something, you’ll have to lose something

1. I cannot sleep now.

I cannot sleep until i have pour everything down.
If i want good sleep, i will have to get out of the bed now and blog. Then only i’ll get a good nite sleep.

2. I felt alive.

I felt alive because i have been working my ass off at work learning something new. It has been such a tiring day, not going home for lunch, missing daily catching up with friends but at least i know today, i have gain something.


This is the part of life that i am afraid of losing. Learning something new and knowing that i am still capable of learning something new.

3. I hate election

As much as i want the country to have a better government, i just hate election. Be it by-election or worst PRU.

I hate it so much because it will take up so much time. Most importantly, the husband time with the family will have to be sacrificed.

He is going to Bagan Pinang this weekend (i hate weekend without complete family members), and he will also have to go there again next week.

Whenever i think of it, i got pissed off. But whining and refraining him from going there is just a waste of time.

I hope i can learn how some wives survive living away from their husband.

4. I still have ideas flowing like river.

So i think i’ll stay up a while to make schedule entry. Heheh.



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