My 29th Birthday

Ya, belum capai 3 series. So as baiti says, belum nak berapa valuable lagi because age is like bmw, the higher the series, the expensive it is.


anyway, haven’t got to see my surprise birthday kek 6 kaki yet (the husband keep bragging about it, kata surprise tapi pi bubuh kat fb and annouce to the world, so much of surprise element :P).

and i feel so blessed that i have friends who remembers (by fb, mostly) my birthday and wishes me well. I hope all their wishes are du’a and granted by Allah. Amin.

Really, birthday is just a reminder that we are getting a year older, so please act appropriately.


anyway, what did i do on my birthday morning?

I rearrange the furniture and man, it is really therapeutic.

Btw, happy birthday my dear bff- lenny. 10 years of friendship eh? Hope it will lasts forever.

And happy birthday to my youngest brother. I love you but i ain’t gonna give any prezzie. 😛


9 thoughts on “My 29th Birthday

  1. kak gjie, terima kasih atas doa.yulie, sham libran jugak. oh ye, betul, terlupa pulak haritu kau buat kek untuk dia.digha, thanks :)liza, it is exactly today, and thanks for ur wishes.

  2. aaa sudah….lupa plak nak wish kaknon….eppy belated bday mak ura…ngeheeee….wpun kita sebaya….tp nampak gayanya 4ever n ever ler hamba lebih muda dr tuan hamba…hihihihope it was great!

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