Anything Convenient

Finally, i receive my LifePak supply.

Sang suami ingatkan nak buat surprise, surprise. Konon-konon keluar bilik, ada parcel depan pintu. Sekali tengok aku tak keluar-keluar. Rupanya tengah tidur.


I am a simple person. And a lazy one too. So i love anything convenient.

Beli supplement pun siap ada delivery.

Order pun online. One time order, boleh dapat setiap bulan.

Bayar pakai credit card. Tahu-tahu tiap bulan barang pun sampai, cc pun dah kena charge.


Then talk about packaging. It is packed for one time intake. Meaning, kalau aku nak outstation atau stay somewhere else, i don’t have to bring the whole bottle out. Bawa berapa pek yang perlu. Stash dalam handbag je.

Easy off bang.

I am a simple person.I need things to be easy for me.


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