If you hate someone

If you hate someone, you actually hate another of your own faces”

i first read this saying at kak mas‘ fb status. I think in some way it is true.

I used to hate someone from the office. When she first came, she was harsh and pushy and bossy. I still remember vividly how much i was stressed out at work. Those few months was like hell for me. Surprisingly, i cannot find any blog entry about her except this one. Itu pun hint-hint je, tak cerita siapa exactly.

Anyway, we are ok now. She seems to slow down, and i think hate is a strong word to be used to anyone.

Yesterday, i was told by someone that someone else said i resemble her a lot. To be frank, that wasn’t the first time i heard that.

Well after all it is true.

“If you hate someone, you actually hate another of your own faces”

Btw, i found this entry of mine about being a boss (small boss, big boss) a few months ago. Just a reminder for myself.



3 thoughts on “If you hate someone

  1. kalau i tak suka seseorang tu, mmg i akan tgk balik kenapa i tak suka. dan selalunya, the 'quality' tu ada kat diri i jugak. and it helped me to improve myself

  2. i just hate my workplace at the moment. I do not have even a speck dust of love for it. let alone the people inside it.

  3. Lola, at least bolehlah buat muhasabah diri ye tak.Dian, kes kau special. U are more like insan teraniaya kot. But no worries, doa insan teraniaya makbul. Cuma cepat dgn lambat jelah. Meantime, byk2 lah bersabar hehehe.

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