deko deko deko

Ithink i have an entry with the same title. tapi takpelah.

Anyway, i read nong’s blog today and she wrote how she admire rizalman’s new atelier (or maybe his fireplace, LOL). Alah, rizalman deko, deko, deko tuh.


I should say that his taste is more to expensive ones. Tak surelah if the stuff are really expensive or not, but he did a great job with the deko thingy. Small place pun jadi macam mewah sangat.

It makes me feel excited to join the deko, deko, deko contest. Tapi i tak pakai xpax.

i always wanted to get a new facelift to my home sweet home alabama, but i fear that my husband doesn’t like it.

Sedangkan aku ubah sofa pun kadang-kadang he will ask me to put it at the original place.


However, if i were to get a free decoration/renovation (in my dreams :P), the kitchen will be the first place to work on.

Asyik-asyik kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. Masak tak pandai-pandai jugak.

On the other note, hari ini hari Rabu, officially it is hari Kerabu.



3 thoughts on “deko deko deko

  1. wa,dia ada blog tau fabulosity by rizalman ke apa. mmg semuanya nampak luxurious. tapi i teringin gak nk tempah baju kat dia one day. one fine day lah..

  2. haha fireplace oh fireplace. first u go to atelier to see the fireplace, then i must go to ur crib to see yours.serve me with RD or RA only okeh.kak kay, i just found out about the blog. don't fancy him but his works are fine. wonder how come i am so keras tangan.

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