Thank you for your feedback

You see, i am an IT Officer. I deal with people, i deal with computer.

Sometimes i just find it funny that people think technology will be able to make life simpler. Simpler, yes, a whole lot simpler, maybe no.

They want to automate work, and IT-ized things everyday.

Lazy people!

So, as a (government) servant, i have to satisfy the people. Doesn’t matter how I do it, as long as there output, there’s result.

And often times, i work my ass off, in the end i get negative feedbacks.

And this is so upsetting.

Somehow, i came upon this quotation and it soothes me,

“Negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. As long as he hates me I make a difference.” – Hugh Prather

Please leave some comments, i really appreciate it.

p.s: i am happy at work. This entry has nothing to do with current state of mind. Just an appeal to get more cooments to the blog. Brilliant, no? 😛


7 thoughts on “Thank you for your feedback

  1. people tend to think that ITing will always solve the problem. but yeah…nowadays, we have to delight the customer kan?? so, got to find ways to explain to them.:)

  2. masa saya muda2 dulu suka jugak nak komen2 kat blog org… tapi dah dewasa ni… macam tak de masa nak komen to every single blog i visit. dd masuk sini kalau tak bz boleh kata setiap hari. tapi bila nak tinggal komen tu, ada mcm2 benda dtg and end-up lupa.tak pe, lenkali dd komen.cakap pasal IT ni, IT opiser kat mindef saya sangat heart. very cooperative!

  3. Dd lala, (very teh cheerful nama itu).kalau ornag tinggal komen kat blog macam best sikit la. dapat kawan, dapat feedback. takde la macam cakap soran2 kan.tapi samalah kita, i don't leave comments to every blog i went. mana sompek.:Ppasal it opiser tu kan, i thik, if you treat people good, people will be cooperative no matter how hard this are to be done kan?after all we are human, kena treat human like human lah kan.:)

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