Twit twit twittering

I have had a twitter account for quite sometimes. Just name any services or applications available in the Net, insya allah i have sign up for it.


Anyway, it is only recently i feel like using the twitter account actively. Just for the sake of having fun.

And oh, add me if you feel like to, wawaporeber is the name.

A few days back, i linked my twitter account to my blog. So if the blog got updated, my twitter will too.

And then, i was looking a way on how to display the twitter status updates on my blog. tak de kerja kan.

Yesterday i found out the way. Easy peasy.

Add a gadget from the blogger layout menu.

Thanks to tips4u for the tutorial.


I heart you all (lola, MN, jua Zulkef, precious innocent, okinokiyo and CY3.5)


6 thoughts on “Twit twit twittering

  1. wawa.. i nak tanya soalan bodoh ni.. jangan gelak kuat2 ye..macam mana nak apply twitter? thru hp kan? hp cap cokia tak leh kan? at least ada 3G apps.. betul tak? hmmm… lama dah mikior nak buat twitter.. tapi hp tak canggih.. betul ke ada kena mengena dgn hp? kan i dah cakap.. soalan bodoh.. 🙂

  2. u pergi je sing up kat guna phone tu cuma application twitter yang diguna diphone. macam i guna facebook kat phone worries liza, no question is a stupid question.u kan teacher, u should know better kan.:)

  3. ooohhh gitu.. 🙂 so memang takde kena mengena dgn hp eh.. hehhee.. i saja je.. masa mengajar lain.. masa bersantai dgn kawan2 lain pulak.. hehehehee..

  4. liza, tapi biasanya orang guna handphone untuk twitter. sebab kalau pakai pc boleh je guna blog. lagi pun twitter kan namanya micro-blogging. berblog secara kecil-kecilan. egheheheh

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