The Result

Umar told me yesterday that his final exam result will be out today. His teacher said that prizes only will be given to top three students of each age categories.

I asked him whether he will get any of the prizes, just to test the water.

Mana tahu terlebih konfiden boleh dapat top 3.

He answered, “Umar rasa umar dapat hadiah. Tapi bukan dari cikgu.”

That left me wondered, if he ain’t getting any from the school, who else would be giving him a present then?

He continues, “Umar rasa Umar dapat basikal dari mak.”

This one, he was confident of.


Note: We did promised him a bicycle, that is from his duit raya and it has nothing to do with his exam.


4 thoughts on “The Result

  1. hmmmm ur entry reminds me yg anak i nak exam minggu depan!!!!dia mintak keta control…i kata kalau dia dpt semua A mcm exam lepas baru dapat.

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