Eliminate miscommunication before you place blame

Ah, it’s friday today. Time flies. Really. It makes me wonder what have i done these week because time passes really fast.

People said that time flies when you are having fun. Am i having fun at work, i wonder?

There’ll be a management meeting scheduled at 3.00 pm today and i am expecting it to end late in the evening. What a way to end a week, huh.

On another news, i found out two days ago that my kids’ babysitter misunderstood what i was saying a couple of weeks ago. I have thought so but i didn’t ask her to clear things up.

I let her knew, if she feels tired and doesn’t want to look after my kids anymore, please let me know. Jangan simpan-simpan sebab takut aku kecil hati or whatever it may be. Aku malu dengan anak-anaknya sebab mak mereka tu dah tua dan patut berehat tapi aku minta jaga anak mereka pulak.

Somehow things turn bad. She thought i wanted to take my kids back and stopping her services.

Anyway things are semi-OK now. Why do i say semi?

1. She looks like she wants to continue looking after the kids. However, she didn’t told me directly. I just assume. An assumption is a bad communication. 😛

2. I already deal with the Indonesian lady to start working with us on 9th November. Now i need to break the latest news to her. How do i tell her in the nicest way so that she wouldn’t feel as if she has been lied to?


But i really *love the makcik, just like i love my mother. So i won’t let her go easily.

Please, please gimme some ideas.


6 thoughts on “Eliminate miscommunication before you place blame

  1. kalau orang indon yang kita tak amik dari agensi ni sometimes bila dia org dah boring keja, hari ni dia cakap, esok terus dia berhenti. Terkapai-kapai la kita nak cari pengganti.

  2. kena discuss dari hati ke hati lah dengan makcik tu.. since she is like a mother to you.. anon cakap betul.. but if that the risk yang u kena amik.. so be it.. hopefully serasi la dgn indon tu kan.. tak semua indon tak reti kenang budi.. makcik tuh pun dah tua kan? nak harap kat dia smpi bila… she deserves some rest at this age..*ehhh.. i liza ni.. tukar nick lagi.. hehhehe…

  3. hi anon, betul gak tu sbb in a way dia takde commitment kan.liza, i dok pike sapa lah cik jijah. suka nau tukar nick. :Pi will let nature take it's course lah. so bila2 makcik tak mau jaga then only i'll find another babysitter.wish me luck on telling the indonesian lady today okeh.:)

  4. wa, aku rasa baik tanya balik kat makcik tuh..directly jgn ader kiasan or whatever..ko pepaham le assumption nih can lead to macam2 hal..bak kata pengomen di atas, betul tuh kalau amik indon nih..1001 hal nanti akan terkeluar..

  5. aku cuba nak call makcik nak tanya, but tak dapat. takpelah petang nanti boleh.btw, i have told that kakak, and she seems OK.told her that i still need her cleaning services.it went easier that i thought.*relief*

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