can’t get enough of you

i have opened this blogger window since 8.45 am, but i got writer’s block. Dunno what to write.

it’s sunday morning, and i wonder how to spend the day. Probably watching tv all day long, hibernating at home sound good.

Watched Sex And The City oh HBO yesterday. It was an interesting movie minus the sex. I have the DVD but never be able to finish watching it alone. I cried when Big told Carrie he ain’t coming. But i know, they’ll be together in the end.

Hamzah was so annoying yesterday. He cried over petty things and he got punished twice. Sekali kena rotan kat kaki (because he wore jeans, so aku pukul sebab i knew it won’t hurt) and then later kena kunci dalam bilik. I don’t know why he becomes more clingy and baby-ish each day. He is more baby-like than Sawda.

However, this morning he is one cheerful boy. He hasn’t cry at all yet. It makes me think that maybe he wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but he didn’t know how to tell me.

Meanwhile, Sawda becomes more and more charming and amusing each day. Besides growing fast, she is also a fast learner. I believe the two brothers contribute a lot for what she learns and knows.

I can’t never get enough of the kids. They may get me on my nerves at times, but i love them nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “can’t get enough of you

  1. hhhmmm… bila la i nak merasa ni mcm u ni wawa.. di kelilingi anak2.. taklah lifeless and boring mcm sekarang ni..

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