8 feet high

Lately, the husband has been studying ways to save up energy. He started his energy-saving project by changing the light bulbs. Since then, he has been monitoring closely the dailty watts usage.

His goal is to achieve the most 500 watts per month. I am not sure of the current reading anyway.

Then, he proceed with the energy saving fan.

You see, our house is an old house built about 20 plus years ago. The ceiling is high, i believe the height of the highest ceiling in the house must be at least 18 feet.

The problem is, eventhough it has high ceiling, the house is always warm. It is as if there’s no proper ventilation. The fans are on 24/7 even when we are out. The living area is facing the sun during noon and that sure doesn’t help at all.

However, the husband found out that there is an energy-efficient fan, but it costs AUD600 per fan. We cannot afford it, just yet.

While doing his studies on a cheaper option, he stumbled upon the fact that in order a ceiling fan to be effective, it must be installed within certain distance.

So how high is efective?

For maximum cooling, it is most efficient to have the blades 8 to 9 feet above the floor.

He finally changed the rod today, and i must say it brings different to the house.

And good news is, the damage done is only RM24 and a whole lot of sweat.



8 thoughts on “8 feet high

  1. smlm test dah tak bahang lah, sbb biasa malam kita tutup pintu semua kan, pastu bahang ya amat.eh baru i perasan, kat living hall kitorang takde tingkap, maybe that's why ventilation sucks.i pun tak penah tau nak pasang kipas pun ada nak kira distance.:)baiti, bagus gak dia tidur lambat malam2 dok buat kajian.

  2. hmm kdg2 perlukan kebijaksaan yg sedikit shj utk selesaikan masalah..kalau org yg malas nak fikir, mesti dah ambil jalan mudah : pergi beli aircond sebab panas heheheh

  3. mumh:kejadah apa nak jimat elektrik tambah aircond.Sebenarnya, selain drpd rendahkan kipas, kita boleh naikkan lantai 3 kaki.

  4. mum2h, i la sebenarnya kalau pening21 malas nak fiir pi pasang aircond. but itulah, like the hsuabnd wrote, the main point is to reduce energy usage. so tak suit the purpose la kan kalau pi pasang aircond.:Pnaikkan lantai 3 kaki pulak tak cost effective. Tapi kalau cik abang nak pasang wood flooring pergo ke apa ke, i like!

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