No Poo!

Macam-macam la aku ni kan?

Tadi jalan-jalan dalam talian, terjumpa pulak pasal no poo.

Apatuh? Tak ada kena mengena dengan najis okeh.

To go No Poo is to stop using shampoo.

First heard from mommyadam’s blog. Tapi since then tak ada news on that anymore as she didn’t update on the project.

I cannot live without shampoo. The husband could. His hair is thick and black. But sometimes they are greasy, so always avoid his hair. But it doesn’t smell bad.

I was my hair everyday. I shampoo it every other day. So no poo is like a statement saying am-i-out-of-my-mind?

I am still thinking whether to start venturing into this project or not but it is really no harm trying i guess.

The point of no poo is firstly, it saves your body, then the environment, and your also pocket. 😛

Secondly, from my reading, if you stop using the harsh shampoos then your hair won’t be as greasy. The shampoo strips your hair of oils which makes your body produce more.

So if you stop using shampoo initially there may be a period of icky hair since you body is still over compensating. It does adjust. And you do wash your hair with warm water and also massage your scalp. You won’t get gross or smell bad.

Maybe i’ll try mommyadam’s homemade shampoo which is

1 tablespoon sodium bicarb

1 cup of warm water.

And not forgetting the homemade conditioner recipe which is

1 table spoon Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

1 cup warm water

But before that, i’ll need to stop by the shop to get ingredients first.



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