I want to blog, but i don’t have time to really put my thots into words.

In the meantime, i present you an excerpt of my shine the sink experience.


izzie stevens: eh today is my 2nd day of flylady
larawnabe: hehe. so how was it?
larawnabe: the key is to shine ur sink everyday before bedtime
izzie stevens: i know
izzie stevens: i managed to cook during lunch
izzie stevens: because my sink is empty
larawnabe: wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
izzie stevens: pastu in order to shine the sink
izzie stevens: kena clear up dishes semua kan
larawnabe: haah
izzie stevens: pastu meja pun kena clear
izzie stevens: so in a way dia cam berjangkit2
izzie stevens: i even wash my toilet yang kat dapur tu and mopped the entire kitchen and laundry area
izzie stevens: just because i started to shine the sink
izzie stevens:
izzie stevens: gila!
larawnabe: kelas uols

berjangkit-jangkit and i guess that’s the idea of the whole thing.


7 thoughts on “Berjangkit-jangkit

  1. sama la mcm aku, kalau sinki clear, smangat sket nak masak… tp laki aku suka buat penuh..kdg2 aku siap bising, nak aku masak.. gi basuh pinggan.. ahahha

  2. kak bina, esok goreng apa pula? abislah kedai sekeliling hospital muar tak dpt cari makan. :Pdilla, lain macam semangatnya kan. hehhe.

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