Baca kat blog arin tadi, maksudnya tu fear of computer which none of us in the house have this sort of phobia. Not even that small lady gaga.

That flylady 2nd day babystep was to shine the sink before i go to sleep, and i did. Infact, aku mop satu rumah too. I don’t have any weekly cleaner anymore, meaning i have to do all the chores on my own.


On another news, my weekend starts early. Yeay. Might be extended too if i got lazy to send my kids off to my mom on Monday. The babysitter is going to Sabah for another vacation. Best gila. Aku jugak stucked here.

Maybe i’ll bring the kids to Poli tomorrow. Jalan2 tengok Karnival. Good way to kill the time too.

Note-to-self: Must.bring.extra.money.to.get.Sawda.new.pants.

Another way to read the note: Yang, i need some money to spend. Hehe.

Since tomorrow is a non-working day for me, i can sleep late. Nak tengok Glow on E! The husband ajak tengok DVD too.

So nite nite u ols.


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