Do not feed her coffee, part deux

Sambung la pulak cerita semalam. I was blogging via mobile phone, pastu henpon terjatuh kena kepala sawda. 😛

Ngantuk sangat la tu,


From furniture shop, we went to Midvalley, the meeting point for us. Having hard time to park, so the husband decided to park at KL Sentral and hopped on the komuter to Midvalley. The kids was so excited with the train thingy.

Nak cari KL sentral was one thing. Nak cari parking area was another. We managed anyway, but the train was delayed and when it arrived, it was packed. I don’t think they boys enjoyed the experience.

Finally we met Daniel in Midvalley. The meeting was short, very short. I feel bad that i didn’t bring anything for him to repay his kindness. Maybe next time, Daniel. Anyway we managed to take a picture together.

A blogger never forgets to do what a blogger always do.

Anyway, all the lengthy story from previous entry to this part two was just to tell that last night, when the husband made a stop in Air Keroh R&R, he bought a frappucino-like-coffee for me.

I don’t drink coffee that much. Entah angin apa masuk so i asked him to buy one. Sawda woke up when the husband. Apalagi, she insisted to drink.

And guess what?

She couldn’t sleep. Not until 2.30 a.m in the morning. She jumped up and down. She climbed the sofa. She disturbed Hamzah who was sleeping. She was so active and alive.


She was high. She even got slammed down by Umar and she didn’t cry.

She finally settled down at 2.30 a.m. I guess she got tired. Therefore, from now on i won’t let her has even a sip of coffee anymore.

Poning den nak jago.



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