Do not feed her coffee

The reason we were in kl yesterday was to meet gallivanter and collect the da vinci exhibition tickets that we won. Initially the husband thought to utilize them today but daniel wasn’t free until 5.30 pm.

It was ok anyway. The trip was awesome. We had lunch in a restaurant in seremban. Belakang ColombiaAsia. Memang mabeles.

Then we made a stopped at stadium bukit jalil to feel the pre-match atmosphere. The 3 boys got a jersey each and the girls just got the heat. I am gonna put watching football final match in my bucket list.

Next, we planned to go to ikea but it was 3 pm. Mana cukup sejam dua there. The husband suggested to stop at a furniture shop in puchong and we did. Found a leather ottoman that can be used as coffee table and storage box as well. Price was just nice. The husband wanted to pay for it. But later, i decided not to buy because it doesn’t fit our other furniture. Sayang betul, tolak rezeki.

Eh sambung later in the morning. Very sleepy. Nanti aku edit.


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