Extended Weekend

I will still be on leave tomorrow. I hesitate but i have no choice.

The babysitter is still in Johor Bahru. The husband is attending Sidang DUN tomorrow. My mother will be attending PTA meeting.

I have another option which is to hire the IL (Indonesian Lady) for a day as i have planned yesterday. The truth is i don’t feel good with that plan. That was why i choose to stay at home today. And so happened that i couldn’t wake up because Sawda was cranky yesterday. And MIL was awake all night. All that equal to insufficient sleep.

Anyway, i am having extended weekend. And am going to have an early one too this week.

Feel bad to be away from work for a long period of time. But feeling even worst if i am leaving the kids to the unknown.



2 thoughts on “Extended Weekend

  1. hehe, nizar pun cuti ke? patut call tak dapat sebab semalam call akak tak berangkat.:Pyelah betul, bab babysitter mmg buat kita kalah. tapi kalau tak bila pulak nak utilize cuti kan?tak dpaat bawak banyak la tahun depan nampaknya.

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