They will finally

When i read this entry from Stephanie of Adventure in Babywearing about her son wanting to marry his little sister, i can’t help but to have wide smile on my face.

What if I wanted to marry Ivy?

The question reminds me of Umar who always wants to marry Sawda, or sometimes, marrying me.

Kids are naive. True.

And kids have feelings that are so pure, so sweet.

So very sweet.

Alison wanted to marry Mason for quite a long time. Now that she is in kindergarten, I think she gets it. She wants to marry some older boy down the street.
– comment from Not Just Any Jen

I will lean back and not to worry to much about the whole thing. They will finally grab the idea that siblings aren’t suppose to marry each other.

They will, finally.


One thought on “They will finally

  1. k1 pun selalu cakap nak kawin dgn mummy… but i always told him he cannot marry me bcoz i mummy dia lgpun mummy wife ayah… tp abg boleh kawin dgn awek abg..hahaha

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