Macam kawan

When we arrived at the excel training center for PDB punya program last week, we were late and everyone has gone into the classroom.

Kami berdua duduk belakang kelas. The husband said, we all macam budak nakal masuk kelas lambat and duduk belakang.


Of course, behind us were the organizers. One of them was my blog reader. 😉

In the end of the course, we had a small chat. He told me (kawan yang baca blog i tu le) the husband and i looked more like friends.

I asked him why did he said so?

Sebab gaya kitorang la, bergurau-gurau, bertepuk tampar.

And i asked him further, was it supposed to be good that way or otherwise?

Yelah kan. Kadang-kadang tak faham maksud orang.

And he said, it is good.

Well, we are like that. We joked around, and making fun of each other. We talk and talk and talk, we can never lack of ideas on what to talk. That was when things are fine-lah.

However, bila time tergigit lidah tu, another story.


I hope we can stay that way, like friends. Like people say,

If you want to strengthen your marriage at its core, build the friendship between you and your spouse.

Afterall, friendship remains and never can end. Sound familiar?



9 thoughts on “Macam kawan

  1. chop..on totally unrelated matter, why ur daily dosage has been on static mostly 14th nov updates..kakakakai always read those updates from your dosage…how come meh..some of it i never know what is d blog address coz i just read the updates from ur blog and getting hooked on it…and normally read it from phone..:P

  2. ye la, the relation is sweet if we act like friend. :)and of course, time 'tergigit' tu je lah tapi should be open tu terima teguran dan pandangan between husband & wife

  3. seb baik macam kawan, aku pernah skalik, ade customer kata, laki aku tue adik aku ker???sumpah aku sedeh time tue uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakerepot nau kerr aku sampai bley jadik kakak dia…alahai…

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