No Poo Revisited

I have been on No Poo since i wrote an entry about it few weeks ago. mula-mula tak de niat pun nak skip commercial shampoo, tapi entah kenapa rasa nak cuba.

The first few days, i rasa biasa je. In fact, i like the natural oil in my hair. Takde rasa icky or greasy. maybe because i have medium length hair, and it is not curly so it was easier to take care of.

I’ve tried washingmy hair using the homemade shampoo (soda bicarb and water). Somehow i found i out that it made my hair too dry. Maybe that’s why the other no poo-er advises to use ACV as conditioner. As to date, i haven’t bought Apple Cider Vinegar yet, so i cheated (guna conditioner Dove, tapi sikit je lah).

From Nov 4th till today 19th November, i have used commercial shampoo twice only. I wash my hair regularly, like once a day. I don’t want my head to become smelly.

While washing, i make sure i massage my head hoping that the natural oil would be distributed evenly. And it did.

My verdict?

My hair just look like normal hair should look lah. Takdelah macam singa lapar whatsoever. It is manageable. Not heavy. Not frizzy. No tangle. And i kinda like the oily look. Tak payah pakai mousse or pakai minyak rambut pun.

Therefore i guess i will still be on No Poo after this. too bad that i cannot provide before and after pictures.

Takpelah, i’ll admire myself sendiri-sendiri je.



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