Acting badly

I had to come to work at night yesterday, and prolly today too.

Got some adhoc paperwork to work on.

I missed playing with kids. To make things worse, when i reached home, the house was cluttered with toys, sawda’s soiled with poo pant were put into the laundry basket (by umar), then sawda woke up and vomitted, the dining table were full of dirty dishes and cups, MIL hadn’t had dinner yet only god knows what she was waiting for.

Everything was so exhausting.

Thus, i turned into a monster.

I yelled at the kids, hamzah kena pukul, i think the husband was mad too but he tried to ignore.

I hate it when i cannot control myself.

I left the kids the whole day, and that was the only time i got o see them, and what did i do?

Yell at them.

I feel bad.

I know i was supposed to be thankful that the husband took care of the kids when i was gone.

I am yet to thank him personally, however i hope that by buying nescafe for him last night can be considered as compensation.

I worked extra hard today, completed our part for the paperwork, praying hard that i don’t have to come again tonight.

I hope others work hard as well.


6 thoughts on “Acting badly

  1. aku pon kadang2 jerit kat bebudak nih dek kerana aku penat and need to concentrate to do my job.lelagik kalau due nak dekat, mmg lagi bebudak nih kena.kadang2 tahap sabar cam dah takde.selagi leh sabar, mmg takde le sorang kena jerit, sorang kene babap..

  2. masa kat tempat kerja lama, i selalu kena balik lambat or kerja on weekend. Masa tu memang harap kat hsuband je jaga. Balik rumah memang tak payah cite. Mula2 tu memang mengamuk. Tapi lama2 i fikir, at least anak2 dlm keadaan baik. So, i abaikan je lah perasaan marah tu. Lama2, mcm dah tak kisah dah. Bila tgh marah, memang apa yang dibuat pun kita takkan suka dan rasa terpaksa. tapi kalau tak marah, rasa tenang je dan tak rasa penat pun nak bersihkan rumah.This is only my personal view 😉

  3. tak boleh buat kerja kat rumah ek ? Kalau boleh lagi senang. Try install gotomypc ke kat pc ofis, boleh xs data2 dalam pc ofis and buat paperwork kat rumah.kurang tension mungkin kah ?

  4. mum2h, betullah tu. kalau kita tak marah kita akan suka buat kerja tu. but nak buat tak marah tu la satu hal. i will try, i will definitely try.:)yulie, aku F la sayang. amin, amin. :)encik amran, ini buat paperwork dalam meeting, kalau setakat buat kerja sendiri2 asanya insya allah boleh cope dalam masa kerja.stress kan.

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