checkpoint, check your self

Upon reaching home from the office 20 minutes ago, i was so happy seeing the husband waiting for me at the door.

syokya balik bersambut.


However, i was stopped by him. He refused to let me in, and asked me to stay a while outside.


He told me that i need to stay a while before entering the house because he doesn’t want me to go MAD like i did yesterday (or as always).

As funny as it seemed, i , however, think that there lies few secrets of doing that.

1. Kalau ada syaitanirrajim, dia tak ikut masuk rumah. My mom used to practice this especially kalau ada baby kat rumah.

2. I must leave everything behind, kalau kat office tadi mood tak baik, then i must re-adjust my emotion. Kalau happy okeh lah, boleh proceed.

See, it is a checkpoint, to check myself.

Kewl kan?

note: i am in happy state because i did well in my presentation, and the boss kind of satisfied with my plans.


now, i must make sure everything can be materialised. Siapa buat? Hehe, we’ll see.


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