Baked macaroni for lunch

Wait to chill. Then makan time.


Half the loyang dah habis. My MIL, Sawda and i makan. My MIL very the sporting ok, Though she is old, she ate whatever i cooked. Sedap tak sedap belasah je.


And Sawda pun sporting jugak. She “helped” me from the start. Belum masuk oven dia dah cicah2 sos putih. Dah masak lagila syiok.

Kalau tengok muka dia masa makan tu, all the hardwork preparing the macaroni is gone.

Seriously, worth all the effort.

As usual, my kampung boy (aka Umar) tak makan. So he will have nasi and kicap only for lunch. Dia request sendiri okeh. Jangan buat mulut aku tak bagi anak makan pulak.


Ok, next recipe in line is apple crumble (inspired by aimi miyavi), and cheesecake (because i have all the ingredients already).

Oh lupa, the recipe is taken from Yatie Cooking. Thank you very much!+


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