Too Sweet For My Sweet tooth

My 1st attempt to make apple crumble.


Look nice. tastes nice but a bit too sweet for me.

I don’t blame the recipe, but me. I just pour the ingredients.

Suka suka sukat.


I shall bring it to the office tomorrow. They’ll sure like it.


By the way, this is the recipe.


6 thoughts on “Too Sweet For My Sweet tooth

  1. oh yeke?aku pun tak berapa nak suka manis2 nau. tatau la pada orang lain amacam rasanya.esok nak bagi orang rasa. kita tengok siapa yang kena.:)

  2. wah wawa..rajin nye mcm2 awak masak skrg…sy dah berkurun nak buat apple crumble tapi tak buat-buat…dah tgok recipi tu tapi yg tepun tu takde bitau pun sukatan…nak guna brp bnyk tu?

  3. after witnessing u and yulie ganas mem'baking' mcm2, i pester my other half to buy me an oven. surely heavens if boleh experiment mcm2 sendiri than having to wait each time i go to mom's only.. hopefully i'll get mine soon πŸ™‚

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