Sanah Helwa Ya Habibi

It’s Hamzah’s 3rd birthday today. Teruk betul aku ni that all these while i thought that he is already 3 and he was suppose to be acting like a 3 year old boy. Rupanya he is just entering 3 today. Patutlah dia punya ngada-ngada semacam.

Anyway, The kids at home call him baby (Umar is abang while sawda is kakak).

Sanah Helwa Ya Habibi. Sanah Helwa Ya habibi.

Sanah Helwa Sanah Helwa, Sanah Helwa Ya Hamzah!

Life would be different without you. And life is different with you.

Je t’aime à la folie. (i love you to bits).

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notakaki: click at Sanah Helwa to listen to birthday song in Arab. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Sanah Helwa Ya Habibi

  1. happy birthday baby hamzah yg comel. moga grow up a fine person, insya Allah.lamanya x jengok ur blog, asyik read ur status updates on fb je.

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