joy rising

Oprah’s show today was about joy rising.

i had goosebumps watching this video. Mula2 i was like apa ke gila minah ni joget sorang-sorang while the others stood still.

Rupanya they had this collaborated performance between black eyes peas and the audiences.

Really joy rising.

And i got to know that someone really have the best job of the world.

var videoOptionscontentPageVideo = { headline: “‘Best Job’ winner’s application vid”, the_abstract: “This is the video winning British adventurer, Ben Southall, submitted as his pitch for the ‘Best job in the world’ as caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef.”, renderMode: “stream”, duration: “01:07”, videoClips: {“28”: “rtmp://”,”600″: “rtmp://”,”100″: “rtmp://”,”300″: “rtmp://”}, nielsen: “vc-bri-Travel-article-Traveller-Traveller-YouTube_Pat_Stevens-48556-Ben_Southall_wins_job-01:07”, omnitureAccount: “f2nbt”, omnitureTrackMileStones: “50”, omnitureName: “‘Best Job’ winner’s application vid”, omnitureMasthead: “brisbanetimes”, omnitureContentType: “video”, omnitureChannel: “Travel”, omnitureShow: “Traveller”, videoId: “506896” }; var playerOptionscontentPageVideo = { containerId: “contentPageVideo”, width: 420, height: 272, speedImageURL: “”, playerURL: “”, postPlayMrec: false, playerVars: { overlay: “”, mediaurl: “×264.jpg” }, playerContext: “article” }; if (autoStartEnabled() || !isInternalReferrer()) { videoOptionscontentPageVideo.nielsen = “vc-bri-Travel-article_auto-Traveller-Traveller-YouTube_Pat_Stevens-48556-Ben_Southall_wins_job-01:07”; playerOptionscontentPageVideo.playerContext = ‘article_auto’; } function initMakePlayercontentPageVideo() { var headElement = document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0]; var videoAdScript = document.createElement(“script”); videoAdScript.type = “text/javascript”; var adSrc = “×1/SITE=VID.MH.BRI.ENTERTAINMENT/ADTYPE=embedded/CHANNELID=11/SHOWID=TRAVELLER/AREA=11.TRAVELLER”; if (!isInternalReferrer() || autoStartEnabled()) { adSrc += “/CTYPE=POSTINLINE/CAT2=POSTTRAVELLER”; } else { adSrc += “/CTYPE=PREINLINE/CAT2=PRETRAVELLER”; } videoAdScript.src = adSrc; var loaded = false; videoAdScript.onload = videoAdScript.onreadystatechange = function(){ if (!loaded && (!this.readyState || this.readyState == “loaded” || this.readyState == “complete”)) { loaded = true; FDVideoObserver.makePlayer(videoOptionscontentPageVideo, playerOptionscontentPageVideo); } } headElement.appendChild(videoAdScript); } FD.register(“MakePlayercontentPageVideo”); Ben Southall’s job is to take care of the Great Barrier Reef, stays for six months on Hamilton Island and blogs about his exploration. That includes 6 figures salary, and a luxurious house.


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