MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest: Princess Joker

Baby’s name: Sawda binti Hasbullah

DOB: 17th July 2008.

Why do i love to see you smile?

Smile baby smile, your smile is contagious. I catch it like a flu because when i see u smile, it makes me smile too.

People say that having a baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty.

But i don’t mind, since your smile makes my past forgotten, and my future worth living for.

Smile baby smile, for your smile fills a hole in my heart that i didn’t know was there.

Keep smiling, keep shining, keep the world warm with your smile.

This post is edited to join the MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest. And the presents are sponsored by AliceWonders and PhotoBook Malaysia. Dijamin best!

It ends today. So hurry up if you want to join.


6 thoughts on “MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest: Princess Joker

  1. mum2h, i pun selalu gigit dia. geram je. esok2 dah besar mesti nak cium pun, i hope if she reads this one day, she won't get ma at me. :Pkak kay, i suka betul melaramkan dia. pastu main masak sama2. niceeeeeeee

  2. wawa..macam dah besar sgt kan dia bile senyum mcm tu…tp betulla bila ader anak nie..dia senyum sikit pon dah rasa bahagia…

  3. itulah kan.macam budak besar.dah la hidung besar, gigi besar, dahi besar.hehehe.but apapun, mmg la bahagia la yang amat kan tengok anak kita senyum

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