After much drama and everything, the cake is successfully baked. It took me an hour and a call to yulie to get it done. Gegege. Mind the holes on top of the cake. They are results from me checking the cake doneness.

Texture wise, hmm, not bad. A bit too sweet for me. I am still considerig whether to finish it off which chocolate topping or not. i simply want to try something new. Somehow, rhe husband likes it plain.

So what is yellow cake? i simply google to check if yellow cake is a regular cake or just coming out somewhere.

It turned out that yellow cake is a basic cake and normally used as layer cake..

This Yellow Butter Cake is your classic layer cake that we like to serve at special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Hmm. interesting.

Now that i have tried yellow cake, i should try decorating the cake.



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