i can’t forget but i can’t remember

it has been a long, long time since i last in touch with my innerself. i mean, i don’t know what i mean.

if you know me long enough, you’ll know.

i miss the way i used to write and express my feelings and my thoughts.

i have been so busy with work since i was promoted by force to be the Unit Head. Then i keep myself busy waiting for the real promotion (because i want to break free from the current job which is tolling and also killing me).

All these work thingy makes me lost.

Tonight, i vow to be more like me.

And the title? It is just a line from a song i cannot forget, but i cannot remember either.


4 thoughts on “i can’t forget but i can’t remember

  1. wabtul apa yg k rozie awak tulis tu πŸ™‚ take care ye… tu lah… pelik gak kenapa wawa jarang dh update blog… tied up wit work rupenye… πŸ™‚ tulis lah sumthin yg klaka, yg fun. hilangkan stress sdiri & stress org lain πŸ™‚

  2. arin i am back.kak rozie, senyum mmg senyum tapi senyum dalam duka. kak awie, i try to deliver my work. do work at work. but i think i need to loose down a bit. maybe don't work at work. can meh?

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