the day i found a tooth in IKEA hotdog

The husband had few appointments in KL yesterday. So he brought us along and left us in my BIL’s house in Shah Alam.

Spent the whole morning there and by afternoon, everyone was itchy to go out. 😛

So off to IKEA we went. Me, my SIL, Umar, Dani and the two girls (Sawda and Difa) head our own way while the husband brought Hamzah for his appointment and my BIL tried to find his way to the Book Fest.

After a little shopping, we went to IKEA for some refreshment. Umar likes hotdog so i bought him one. I took a bite of the htdog when i found something hard in my mouth. Wanted to know what it was, i spilled it out and found a tooth.

A tooth?

Nak kena IKEA ni.

The tooth is small, so i thought, hmm could it be umar’s?

Therefore i checked his mouth and see there is a cavity in his bottom-front gum.

Ah, it is his!

Nasib baik tak buat report kat IKEA lagi. 😛 Kalau tak mesti jadi bahan lawak je.

Kesian Umar, but kesian lagi aku for I’ve almost swallowed Umar’s tooth.



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