tagging game again

What will u do if u know that your friend has been back stabbing u ?
*sure nak confront, but selalunya buat dono lah. bukan luak pun.

6 people in your heart?
* my mom, my 3 kids, husband and still got one empty spot 🙂

Do u think u’re cute?
* cute is subjective.

Single or taken?
* Taken

Blog(s) that u like?
* ngantukalways, and many more.

Do u clean your room everyday?
* i used too. tapi semenjak lima, enam tahun lepas i have other things more important to do.

The last song u listened to?
* Without you – mariah carey. Oldskol!

Last text message?
* My insurance agent saying thanks for the payment.

Last phone call?
* My boss

Last day u cried?
* cannot remember

List down 5 of your favorite colours?

The last people chat with u in YM?
* Larawannabe

Your favorite game?
* None. I don’t play games.

Are u a fan o MCR?
* Some songs, yes. But group, NO!

What do u feel when u answering this tag?
* Am i revealing too much info?

Do u think this tag interesting?
* boleh layan la

Now, tag 10 of your frens…
i won’t list because if i left out any names, nanti people thot that i did not think of them. So anyone nak buat boleh lah. But LARA mesti buat.



3 thoughts on “tagging game again

  1. oh tq i'm so touched u like ngantukalways! btw i pun suka this blog for your consistency in writing n sharing stuff psl bdk – babywearing/ breastfeeding tp lately mcm u x gamat sgt menulis ekk?

  2. kak awie, bagusla kan maknanya dah lama tak menangis. ehehe. yeke bagus?kak kay, u write good stuff. i skrg macam tak sempat nak tulis pluis asyikla dinafikan hak menggunakan komputer di rumah egeggege

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