Forgive you may, but forget will you? (with content)

tadi dah buka blogger nak create post tapi masalahnya kerja banyak melambak-lambak, makanya post title sahaja sebab tak mau masuk draft.

anyway sekarang pula masih tak ada mood nak blog, nak baca buku cerita baru, “dear john”.

so, aku cuma paste balik apa aku tulis kat wall facebook dengan mona je lah ya.

“ikut kajian (dah macam fadzillah kamsah daa) ramai orang yang duduk kat wad mental tu bakhil. tapi bukan bakhil wang. cuma bakhil kemaafan. bila kita tak mau maafkan orang, kita mengikat emosi kita dengan orang tu.

orang yang tidak mahu memaafkan itu adalah orang yang ego. Merasa dirinya lebih besar dari Tuhan.

Sesungguhnya, Allah Yang Maha Kuasa pun bersifat pemaaf, kenapa manusia ciptaan Allah tak mahu memaafkan seterusnya melupakan kesilapan dan kekhilafan orang terhadapnya.”

i quote ustaz cakap kat motivasi pagi kat

oh tiba-tiba ada mood lak nak sambung. I personally think, me, myself and i is a person who easily forgives and forget. however i don’t know what people think of me.

tapi seriously, i can forget and treat people like nothing ever happened so it really upsets me when people can forgive and forget.

i know, i know. when you do bad to people, it is like you have hit a nail to the wall. eventhough it could be plastered and repaired but the wall will never be the same.

tapi ustaz tu cakap, (ustaz lagi) sesungguh memaafkan orang itu lebih indah perasaannya dan impaknya lebih besar daripada dimaafkan.

i agree with that, totally.

Dalam sepanjang hidup ni, aku dah buat salah kat ramai orang. And maybe dah disalahfahami. Maka, aku nak minta maaf.

Dibawah adalah beberapa orang yang aku nak minta maaf secara terbuka (walaupun identiti dirahsiakan).

1. A friend, whom i met occasionally.

I knew about the “thing-that-i-took” story. I swear i didn’t know what it was about, nor did i took it and if i ever did have it, i didn’t knew it was yours and if i knew it was, i would surely return it back, wouldn’t i?”

Or if you were angry with me because you really didn’t want me to be close in your life, i couldn’t do anything now. I believe it was fated. Even it wasn’t then, but it is now.

2. A friend from the past, whom i lost along the way.

I really love you. But again, i think we were torn apart because we weren’t in the same camp. I could still remember the very last time i met you when i was still in USM. It was Friday afternoon, when the guys when to Friday prayer.

You went to penang and insisted that we meet. We talked and laughed, though i might not cherished it then but i missed it now.

We are definitely not speaking the same language, and not on the same wavelength anymore, thus this is us now.

Howeber, i would love to be able to talk to you again, reminiscing old days. If we couldn’t, it’s OK. I still love you anyway.

If these people ever read this post, i really hope we can move on, and stay friends.

And to whom that have ever made me cross and angry, do wrong to me, do not worry.

You are forgiven.




4 thoughts on “Forgive you may, but forget will you? (with content)

  1. err yess.. forgiving is great actually.. saye mmg mudah memaafkan, tp saye sgt sgt sgt susah melupakan.. anyhow, even sgt susah, saye boleh meng cover those -ve feelings, saye boleh ceria, saye boleh menerima even that somebody be right in front of me, purposely or with intention.. but like u said, me too dont know what they think of me..apepun, pedulikan org pk, klu nk memikir pun drg pk, kite tak ter pk kan diri, rasa i dah ngarut..

  2. kak ninie, we all know the greatness of forgiving and forgetting but then, talk is cheap kan.what we can do is try and then move on, betul tak? :)mum2h, so skrg setuju lagi?

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