wish i am not here

but somewhere else.

i would like to just pack my things and go somewhere for a vacation. wanna break free from the routine.

i badly need this.

life is so bored and i hope someone please stop my misery to a boring and routine life.


4 thoughts on “wish i am not here

  1. take time off la, go cuti2 msia 🙂 4get 'bt work, house chores, kid's sch, practically just drop everythin 4 two/three days. u'll come back refreshed, rejuvenated. saya pon rs ntah ape2 lately (eh bkn setakat lately! hahaha) tp bile pk xpe lah… tinggal 8 bulan je lagi pejam celik.

  2. kak kay, yelah betulkan. tyak payah holiday gempak2 pun takpe but just go away from the daily life routine kan. mmg nak kena caj sangat dah nih.kak awie, why 8 mts? dah nak balik for good ke?

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