The Interview

Adoi life is full of drama. I was super duper busy these days that i hardly take care of myself. Blogging lagi la tak sempat kan?

So finally the interview is over. Yes, the HLP 2011 interview. I applied and i was called for the interview. I did my best though i wish i could do better.

There were two interviewers. I believe the lady was from F scheme. She was the one who asked all about the technical stuff.They were very helpful in the sense that they guided me (and other candidates) on how to improve the proposal. They also gave some insights and suggestions on the expected results and so on. I am so glad to be able to experience the interview.

Just for record and reference, these are the questions asked. They differs from one session to another. And from one room to another.

  • Tell something about yourself in english.

I did expect this question somehow i wasn’t prepared. All these while i just plan how to answer the question in my mind. Unfortunately, i did not practice it out loud. So my answer was unstructured and my english? my oh my. And the anxiety didn’t help at all.

  • Explain about your proposal.

Now this is another thing tricky. Since i applied for Ms (Coursework), instead of preparing the proposal with the ‘standard’ format, i chose to write an SOP (Statement of Purpose). It is like a short essay on myself, and my expectation on the graduate studies and basic idea about the course i’m applying. So when they asked about the project and everything, i got panic.

  • What is the expected outcome from your work?

I knew the answer. But i failed to deliver. When she told me what she wanted, i said to myself, “that’s what i want to say earlier”. But i didn’t, i couldn’t and kept beating around the bush. Huh. Too bad.

  • How could the outcome contribute to Government?

I nailed this, i guess

  • Why does your record shows that you serve in Melaka only?

Hehe, what should i say. I’m married, my husband can’t quit his job, so i’m obliged to stay beside him. Plus, i am trying to balance my career and life. If i got the opportunity to be with the family, i should grab it. No second thought.

  • Are you willing to work outside Melaka after your return from your studies?

I wrote i would like to contribute to MAMPU or something like that. They’ve got the idea that i wanted to serve with MAMPU. If that so, i will need to work in Putrajaya instead. I should say i’m open but i will always try to be with family.

  • Have you bought a house in Melaka?

I said i’ve settle down in Melaka.

  • Where’s your IELTS / TOEFL result? (Since I’m planning to go abroad)

Haven’t took but prepared. Plus getting the scholarship will be a good motivation for me to pass the tests. The interviewer told me that it’s not a chicken and egg situation. They need to see my result in order to evaluate me. So i don’t know my chance here.

  • Is your family coming with you if you are granted the scholarship?

Definitely. And that is subject to the husband, which i am not sure, because he never say anything about it. I didn’t tell them the latter anyway. 🙂

So that was it. Now i should just move on with my life and we’ll see whether i’ll be getting or not.

Frankly, i got chickened out a few times along the process. Right before i prepared my SOP, till last night, before the interview. I don’t know. There are just a whole lot of things to be considered.

I know that Allah knows best, and i will be happy for whatever is best for me.

And oh, I am thankful to the husband, for granting me the permission to go to the interview and in his own way, supports me in everything i wanted to pursue.

I love you loads!


4 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. vogue, was thinking to pay you a visit there. tapi kena migraine yang amat after the interview terus batalkan niat and resot to pak min's house in bangi and lepak2 sana.

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